this and that

this is one of my favorite spots to photograph
over the years
 i bet 
i have taken this photo
 various seasons 
a hundred times

it was a nice weekend
did some necessary beautification saturday

was follow up day at the vet for harry
whose fungal infection is improving slowly

i dont know
 if you know
that means his immune system is compromised
 if/when he gets sick 
it takes a lot longer than 'normal' to get well

he doesnt seem to mind
the meds hidden in his kibble
 every day 
having his ears and paws 
 with special solution 
twice a day

he's good natured
doesnt fuss overly much 
i think
 he's over going to the vet every 2 weeks

getting out of his carrier is a lot tougher than getting him in


  1. Soon the street scene will be showing its autumn colours. Glad Harry is moving forward even it's slow.

  2. Glad to hear Harry is feeling better....I saw your live video was awesome!

  3. That's a beautiful spot. I don't blame you for taking photos there. Love the symmetry and the lines you captured. Poor Harry boy. Wish it was easier for these little guys at the vet. Morgan acts like it'll be the death of her to go!

  4. Harry is a trooper! Stick with it, Harry! Your mummy knows what's best for you.

  5. Harry is a trooper! Stick with it, Harry! Your mummy knows what's best for you.

  6. I didn't know that about Harry. Poor guy, he'd rather just stay home with his parents and siblings. I hope he feels right as rain very soon.

  7. Lovely shot of the park! Glad to hear Harry is improving.

  8. I am sending Harry a BIG HUG! We have a rescue kitten named Catsby and a cat named Max. Catsby joined our family last October. He has done so well. He had seizures when we first adopted him, he has improved so much. We are so happy for that.
    Hope Harry has a great week!
    Love the photo of the park.


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