once upon a time
i was a night person
i took the sunrise as a personal affront
i could stay up til all hours every night of the week
i would spend sundays sleeping the day away

that was a long time ago
it feels like it was in another life
in a way it was

i love my life
 i have no regrets
maybe one or two 
very minor ones

yesterday was the highest most holy day if you are a jew
i am tho most of the time i am not observant

when i was much younger 
my mother said
 i should never ever work 
on rosh hashanah or yom kippur 
the gentiles who employed me 
would not respect me

i think her feelings 
belonged to another time
 i listened 
i obeyed

so yesterday i was home
i slept in
i unplugged
i fasted
i didnt make it to sundown 

around 5ish i had a headache 
i went for a walk
i ended up outside starbucks
i broke fast with a venti latte
hey what can i say

i survived being unplugged
it didnt feel bad at all

this morning i was up at 5
tho really
 the cats
specifically jack 
wake me around 4

fed the cats
 the news
the weather report
walked in the dark to the subway

i like the quiet

i like morning

i never thought
 i would say that
i like the morning