under the canopy ....

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under the canopy
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it started a few years ago 
i would approach the office
when we were on 42nd street
the foot traffic
the light
every morning
at almost the same time
was always different
i started stopping snapping sharing
i stood in the same spot
the exact same spot
it was a ritual i really enjoyed

when the move happened 
i was sad that the ritual would end
then an instagram friend
whose day job
 was as an electrical engineer 
working on the world trade center
hey you know
 there's a canopy at 7 world trade 
there's always people coming going
 you could
that canopy 
continue the series

 the first visit
 i made to one world trade
 i discovered
 we had a canopy too

not much foot traffic 
back then
the light wasnt as good 
 i was no longer facing east
i continued

this photo
the one
 i am sharing
 the 7 world trade canopy
(that 'spiked' thing is the famous oculous
the transportation hub designed by santiago calatrava)

i switched up 
my routine
 wednesday morning 

i still took 
under the canopy 
 at 1world trade

if you want to check the series out

oh yeah
happy september!