a conversation

my husband
got a 'new' doctor
his 'old' nephrologist was 'booted' upstairs
when two hospitals merged not long ago

the 'old' doctor 
who'd been caring for him for a number of years
 told him that he'd like the 'new' doc
 not to worry he'd still be around if he was needed

this week he saw the 'new' doc
things aren't running as smoothly as before the merger
his appointment was for 9
 he didnt see the doctor till 10:30
he got home around 11:30

he called me
he said:
this is a kid a kid he's a kid
he seems nice
we talked about my meds
about my medical history
you know
 i didnt remember 
when i had my heart attack

you never had a heart attack
  did you tell him you had a heart attack
you had by-pass surgery 
(among other things)
 did he not read your file

what did i ...
no, i didnt tell him
yes, he read the file
 did you know it was 2011
 i thought it was 4 years ago

he wants to see me again in 2 months
i said 
no disrespect
 your predecessor agreed 
i could come in every 6 months
if my bloodwork is okay

we compromised at 31/2 months
there were no appointments in december
i got an appointment for the end of november

what day
what time 

i dont remember 

call and ask

they'll call to confirm

i want to put it my calendar

they'll call

i will call

its good you're my surrogate

i think i have too much time invested in this man to kill him

(yes, he meant advocate)