how i spent my time away, part 3

we did a lot on saturday 
 i am going
 divide it
 two posts
 trust me
 its better that way

we left cincinnati around 9 am 
plan was 
to go 
 (the capital of kentucky) 
wander a bit
 have lunch
stop in midway on the way back

we drove for a while 
 mary wasnt sure we hadn't made a wrong turn
 we hadn't 
but we stopped 
we popped
thats a texas donut 
i could have eaten it all
 i am that much of an oinker
 i only ate that small piece
mary had a piece as well
i closed the box 
took it with us

we decided to make a short
detour to

(hey, its wednesday so of course there's a water tower or two)

it was charming

heading toward the highway
mary saw a sign for a japanese garden
yuko-en on the elkhorn

who could resist

that damsel fly
 was kind enough
 to stay put for
 a close up

there are a lot of these stone walls in kentucky
they are similar to those found in connecticut 
the kentucky walls 
top row of stones

we changed our plans a bit
heading to midway 
which as you can tell from its name 
is mid way between two places/cities
frankfort and lexington
it was also for us on the way to or from frankfort

i dont know if you recall the movie
five easy pieces
 the scene in which
 jack nicholson's character
 tries to order a sandwich

 i did

we lunched at the heirloom restaurant 

see that fried green tomato melt
i wanted that
the pimento cheese

our waiter was a bit annoyed
he kept telling me
 it was a
grilled cheese sandwich 
it needed the cheese

i suggested 
he simply have it become a bacon tomato sandwich
he had trouble wrapping his mind around that
he offered to use different cheese
i politely declined
he decided it was possible to accommodate me

after lunch 
which was tasty
 pimento cheese-less
we walked along midway's one street

that old train car
 sits across the road
the water tower

which seems a fitting way to end this segment