it was a mostly lovely weekend
a delicious sleep in 2 of the 3 mornings

two very good lunches
one with a friend i hadn't seen in long while
another a birthday lunch with my sister

lots of sun
lots of humidity
lots of rain

also some not so fun technical issues

one minute the wifi was there
the next it was gone

the internet service provider modem (ispm) was insistent we were online
the apple air-port modem disagreed

i called apple
their tech helped get the air-port back up
the ispm still insistent it was providing connectivity

a call to the ispm 
with me repeating all the things
 i had done on my own
to get things connected 
none of which 
worked any better 
following their instruction

i was transferred to someone 'with more technical' expertise
of course 
the first helper 
hadn't told
 the technical expert 
 that had transpired 
over the 35 minutes
 of our conversation

he was indeed more technically expert

two quick wire/cable repositionings
 one slow rebooting
we were back online

you are
a curse and a blessing