i have almost zero energy
i have been sleeping or napping a lot
i drink enough tea to float a small ship
i crunch buttered toast
soup gets slurped

i thank you all for your well wishes

my throat began to ache
that it seems
 is how 
my body
a cold is coming

well this time it tricked me

no cold ever 'happened'
what happened was low grade fever
you know 
that ache behind your eyes
that nagging headache
that feeling of blah

so i decided
 to call the ent guy i had seen a year or so ago
 my pcp

my pcp is nice guy a good doctor
this serial sore throat 
3 times in 3 months
felt like it needed more

the soonest i could see anyone was thursday

i called my periodontist who knows many other doctors
he referred me to someone
whose office said the earliest appointment
was the end of june

i told them i sincerely hoped this would be gone before then

thursday it was

the diagnosis
acute aedenoiditis
severe pharyngitis
(apparently the same thing)

i got a camera stuck up my nose
the photos of the bacteria were disgusting
the treatment isn't much better
for 10 days
twice a day neti pot
twice a day gross tasting gargle
4 times a day antibiotic
lots of rest

i also spoke to my pcp who said
i dont know what it was this winter but there's a lot of that going around