yup, not my best

well its been some week
 started off on the wrong foot
should i say wrong day

i thought it was wednesday
i started the antibiotic 
my dentist asked me to begin
 the day before the dental surgery
 scheduled for thursday

still with me?

as i swallowed i remembered it was tuesday

at the office i spilled coffee on a white silk blouse
i spent an hour or two chasing after a 'lost' check
of course it wasn't lost the recipient well ...best left unsaid 

shortly after lunch my tummy began aching

on the way to vote i felt not so great
when i got home i went to bed
it wasn't much later when i became really sick
i will spare you the details 
 i spent a lot of time in the loo
little time in bed
no sleep

the real wednesday
i stayed home
i felt like a mac track had hit me
i slept almost the entire day

thursday morning
was the dental surgery
when i got home i was spacey and tired
i slept on/off
in between ice packs

last night the dentist called to check on me
he said tomorrow 'you will not look your best'

i am swollen but far from less than i imagined
 the day is young
the swelling isn't expected
 to recede for 3-5 days

now that i have caught you up
i am going back to sleep

i am turning off the comments
i am thanking you in advance
 for all the well wishes i know you'd send