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Best Friends Animal Society
A special puppy with special needs

This lovely bundle of puppy is Parker! He romps, he runs, and he's had lifesaving help from Love on a Leash Dog Rescue in Maryland. Parker was born with dysphagia, a difficulty swallowing. Any food or drink by mouth can be very dangerous for him. So his veterinarian inserted a feeding tube and voila! Parker eats blended soft foods and thinks the world is grand!

Parker specializes in being upbeat. Love on a Leash says he is great with other dogs and adores all the people that he meets, and he’s looking for either a person or a rescue group who could love him, special needs and all. Parker may require a peg feeding tube for the rest of his life. Like any puppy, he’s exuberant and loves to explore with his teeth so he does need monitoring to keep him safe from any tasty morsels that might be on the ground.

Eastern Seaboard, please open your hearts so that our Best Friends No More Homeless Pets Network partner can find this boy the love he needs. Feel free to call Love on a Leash at 800-296-8455 if you want to meet Parker or have any leads. You can also email them at

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