i had a lovely weekend
i had little to no voice

some people
thought i should just not talk

i had a fabulous massage and facial
indulged in some wonderful coffee
i did some walking
i took some photos

families were out 

were the buds on the trees

what better way to start the day
than by
 to be
 in paris on a true spring day in april?

so nice i got distracted and forgot to post!


  1. Oh to be walking in Paris, stopping in for a baguette with ham and cheese. Or a croissant. You choose.

  2. It was a fabulous weekend. We went on a long walk/short hike, had a picnic lunch, and took a few photos (not as many as I hoped). It felt so good to be outside.

  3. Oh my goodness, Mum buys all her bread at Kayser's!!!!

    It was warm and lovely on Saturday too but freezing and April showers yesterday. Lovely blossoms!

    Hope your speak again quickly!

  4. I am sorry about your voice, but glad you got distracted, because it sounds like you had a wonderful day! xo.

  5. Haha!! You have a right to do that every once in a while!!

    I had a great weekend, we had a fire in the outdoor fire-pit on Friday night, did lots of gardening on Saturday, and the grand finale was brunch downtown with some family (guests of honor--our daughter, her husband and our beautiful granddaughter who turned two months old!!!)

    BUT.....we have a major winter storm bearing down on us for tonight....aaaarrrgggghh!!!!


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