on a bench

one day a week or so ago
one of my lunchtime walks
i went
 the south street seaport
 the tip of manhattan
 back to the office

 along the way
 i spotted
 this guy and his dog 
just sitting there 
on a bench 

he saw me pointing the phone
his pup was busy watching the traffic

as i got closer 
i said:
 he's so handsome
is he friendly

he replied

may i pet him?

he said

 i did


  1. I bet you see lots of those on your walks around the city! It is always a good idea to ask if they are friendly!! Happy Weekend!

  2. Nice! And I love that bench with those different pieces of wood for the back. I was just thinking yesterday of making a garden bench from two two chairs, like those old 1940's kitchen chairs that have the metal frames and plastic seats and backs. I'd take the seats and backs off and put on planks of wood tying the chairs together into a bench similar to this one. Might work. How hard can it be? :D


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