wherein she becomes a sleuth

life is filled with choices
make one or another
it can lead change the dynamic of your day or even your life

wednesday morning
 i did what i usually do
 i checked the subway app

it can be like rolling the dice

local wasnt due for 11 minutes
the walk to the express is 7
a no brainer
a nice morning as well

crossing 79th street a line up of trucks caught my eye

to get a better shot i crossed broadway

i noticed 
 a large trailer used during movie/tv shoots was there as well
backing up

i watched 
would it hit the street signs?


then something on the ground caught my eye

a wallet

i picked it up
looked around 
there was no one to be seen
i opened it
found the driver's license
a woman living in new jersey
i decided to look into it further 
once i got to the office

 thats how my sleuthing began
a very long somewhat convoluted story 
somewhat shorter
 i didnt actually locate her 
 after reaching out in various ways

if you ever find a wallet
' i will call the credit card company
they'll reach out'

 forget it
they wont
 they dont 
they do put a stop on the card

but i digress
i did reach her ex
he in turn managed to find her
it seems 
she stayed in the city overnight
in a hotel across from where i found the wallet
she got
 (his words)
was still recovering 
still in the hotel
would i 
could i
drop the wallet off at the hotel

i would
i could
i did

a word of advice to all of you:
put a card
 your name and a phone number
 your wallet 
should you ever lose it 
an honest person will be able to find you to return it

do not 
 the woman who lost the wallet i found did
keep all 
your passwords
 pin numbers
  bank and credit cards
 in your wallet

she was lucky
 someone else less honest than i
 found her wallet 
they could have emptied 
her bank account
used her credit cards

just sayin'