barcelona - day 2

the morning began with a bus ride
portal de l'àngel

that's mary consulting the map

we were searching for a little piece of 
hidden barcelona
once a garrison
 a library
 the university of pompeu fabra campus

 1847 by joseph fontserà
40 years later
 a young architectural student

it took us a long time to find the site
but we could find no entry so we gave up

along the way
 i spied
 this mama and her child dressed 
a slice of bread

altho we'd bussed it out to the campus
we found the subway/metro 
to get back

our next stop 
poblenou cemetery

i think 
gentleman was tending to his wife's crypt
as you can see 
these are
 incredibly old
 some are far better maintained than others
 there's something about them
that makes you want to know more
about the lives of those no longer with us

can you see
 the bats
the skull and crossbones
there was no name
on the mausoleum

the statuary is so lovely so ancient
did you know i was a 

of course 
we had lunch
it was very windy
i was freezing

mary is the navigator on our adventures
here she's consulting the map
once again
to see the best way back

we took the bus

getting off to walk along 
avinguda diagonal
house of spires
 an unbelievable piece of architecture

we wandered along ending up looking for a starbucks
i needed a caffeine fix
while i love espresso
it is not coffee

we found both
these beauties
to the left is
casa amatller
to the right
casa del libro
 another magnificent gaudy
side by side the sit on
passig de gràcia

as the sun set the lights came up

sometimes with a very long lens
one needs to get as far back as possible
if i not for that wall ... 


  1. Gosh, can you imagine living in a Gaudi? How fabulous might that be? Somehow I think I would be a big collector of Dali and Man Ray, and my sofa would be red and shaped like a giant mouth if I lived in that kind of architecture. (Good to know that the ubiquitous Sbux came thru!)

  2. The angel sculpture's my favourite. I've never been in a cemetery with crypts like that.

  3. One day I'll have to go... You're making me want to though I'm far more likely to go to NYC... :-)

  4. These are all awesome,especially the burial site.
    I didn't know what a taphophile was, so I Googled it!
    I am so excited --I am definitely a taphophile too!!!!
    I am always drawn to graveyards and love reading old headstones.

  5. The cemetery was fascinating and the Gaudis? Just wow.

  6. Wondrous sights! Love the lady with the crocodile, er, orange bag!


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