wacky weekend weather

what a weekend! 
it was more like late march
mid december

 i left the office early 

 we watched two movies this weekend
 me & earl & the dying girl 
so charming
 so terrific 

we also watched
 it was a hoot 

i recommend them both

we're debating another movie
right now 
as i am blogging 
he's watching football

 back to the recappage
i had errands to do 
 after my hair appointment

 it was a good day 
 capture the hood
 holiday mode

the sky was so weird very sic-fi

 people were tree shopping this guy was drilling a hole for a tree stand

restaurants are keeping their sidewalk tables open

looking up 
while waiting to cross columbus 
i noticed 
the j.m. horton ice cream company 
 for the first time 
now of course 
i need to google to learn more

the corner of 79th at broadway 
 a busy place 
a festive place
grocery shoppers
 tree sellers and buyers 

i am thinking another movie would be fun
a good way to end the weekend

and you?
how was your weekend