wednesday evening
 i trekked home
through the rain
 i had to snap this scene
 columbus avenue
 the trees are trimmed
 lovely little lights

 of course
 in midtown
 just an hour or so later 
the big tree 
rockefeller center plaza 

i like 


  1. That's lovely. I was driving thru downtown myself yesterday. A lot of the boulevard trees are trimmed like this in Vancouver too. All of downtown practically. Oh yeah, I was trying to get form mom's (she lives in a pretty expensive neighbourhood where there are mansions) and there are a lot of road closures for road work right now, so I snaked my way around the little streets, and some of the houses! Whoa Nellie, I looked at C and she used her "Daddy, I want a new pony" voice and said, "I want pink and lime wreaths on all the windows and an arch above the door and I want it now!". Wow, the Christmas decorating budget some people have could probably afford us a month in Hawaii!

  2. This is a wonderful, festive night shot. The rain adds just the right touch!

  3. They do this here as well on trees that have lost their leaves for the season... rather different than the evergreens.

  4. Beautiful! I'll have to take a trip to town to see if they've decorated yet.


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