gee whiz

i have not ever dined
gee whiz
 i pass it every morning
greenwich between chambers and warren

 i love
they decorate
 every holiday

i love the icicles
i love the dolls in the window
i love this place
i hope the food is good


  1. I love that too. There are a couple houses in Van sort of on my way here or there, and they always make a great big deal out of ever holiday and even non holiday, like "hello spring!". I must admit that I look forward to seeing the silliness every time I get to drive past. :D

  2. I'll fly to NYC and we'll go in together, okay? :-)

    I'm going to go see "The Danish Girl" today. I wanted to see "Carol", having read and loved the book, but it isn't showing here in the sticks until Christmas day.

  3. It certainly looks good and is very enticing. I'd give it a try!

  4. If they are as creative with their food preparation as they are with everything else, I'm sure it will be delicious. Now you must make it your mission to eat there! ;)


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