a man and his dogs

on my way home friday
 i stopped at the supermarket 
as i was schlepping along
 being annoyed
 by the crowds 
by the people who dont look where they are going 

 i saw a flash of white
 i know that dog 
i thought

 i looked up 
 know him too
 who is that other dog

its beas 
short for beasley
 that's her on the right 
on the left thats griff 
the good looking guy in the middle
 thats my vet 
the best
 most caring
in this city
 andy kaplan 

griff and andy
 lost their pal toby 
december last year 
they were both devastated

 it looks 
like the hole in their hearts
 is being filled 
by that sweet girl there 

she's about a year old
 he adopted her a few weeks ago

he tells me
 griff is 'tolerating' her 

 i have to say 
both griff and andy 
look a lot happier 
than they did last time i saw them 

hows this for a coincidence 
he thought 
he saw my husband a few blocks back
it wasn't 
 there i was 
 we have an appointment for annie
 to see him 
for a first check up since he rescued her 

if you dont know about that 
here's the really short version
 he was walking griff and toby along west 72 street 
when he saw a broken carrier case on the sidewalk 
with a little cat huddling nearby

 someone told him that the carrier containing the cat
had been thrown out of a moving car 
he scooped her up 
took her to his office
 checked her out 
a few weeks later 
he asked if we wanted to adopt her
 you know the rest 

we went from a two cat to a three cat household 
i can't wait for him to see her again


  1. Oh how lovely! And what a beautiful family. Hope they all sort it out and live happily ever after.

  2. Great story...one never knows what will happen on the streets of New York, and this is one story with a happy ending. Good that you have such a fine vet, too.

  3. They look like a family. Oh the life that Annie has now! It was her good fortune to have been found by this man. Meant to be :-)

  4. The dogs would appear to have their attention elsewhere!

  5. Two good looking creatures. Oh make it three.. he's a good looking doc, too.


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