its your move

these two workers 
were very busy

 i have no idea 
what they were doing 
it looked interesting
photo worthy

you're out and about
you see things
things catch your eye
you take a photo

do you something wonder
 this or that 
made me think 
it would be a good photo
do you
point and shoot

nosy bloggers want to know!


  1. I wonder too! Is there any way you can find out what they were doing? It is a great photo op!

  2. Again-Wow!! The height of some of those buildings, and the fact that people work up that high on a little platform blows me away!!!

  3. I agree -- everyday things often make the best photos.

  4. The contrast in the walls catches my eye. Sometimes it's point and shoot, sometimes it's that you see something in a certain light that tells you to photograph.

  5. My dear late friend June West, who was the official photographer for the UBC botanic gardens well into her 90s, watched me and mentored me in my photography development. It was her opinion that photographers develop an "eye" over time. Like good writers, this is an instinctual eye and, if you happen to be a good photographer by nature and happen to have an artistic sense, you can be a great photographer with training, but if you just happen to have been born without an artistic sense, you can never be a great photographer. Anyway, that was June's opinion. I do think it's recognizing the moment and instinctively feeling the best angle. I do think that 90% of it can't really be taught and has to somehow be felt.


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