its not just paris

getting home friday evening 
turning on the news 
 immediately shocked 
 worried about friends who are in paris 
going to facebook to see if they'd posted 
yes they were safe 

 i saw a post my friend steve commented on
 last week
 last thursday
 there was another terror attack
 45 innocent people were killed
 it happened in beirut 
the capital of a country 
whose total population
less than 25% of paris
its also a turbulent country
thats why
 no one took much notice
no check in page on Facebook
no temporary photo to show solidarity
no constant updates from the media

 i am not usually someone 
who blogs about anything more serious 
than a bad cup of coffee
but this really bugged me

here's what my friend steve posted 

"when you think of paris, 13 november
dont forget beirut, 12 november"


  1. The world continues to be crazy. I knew about Beirut because my mother is the prime consumer of all news horrifying. To tell you the truth, I stayed off of social media for the most part, and checked in on friends in Paris privately. This isn't something which can even begin to soothe with a hashtag or change of profile picture. I'm completely lost for words.

  2. There comes a point when news about this seems to reach saturation points. Both have been horrendous.

  3. The world has gone mad! My thoughts are with all countries at war...

  4. Is this the new order of the world? Guns and explosions and blood and innocent people dying in the street, people who are just trying to live their lives? I hope not. We can't give in to fear..... but I have to admit, it scares me.

  5. I just heard about the attack in Beirut yesterday. I was still heartsick over Paris, but people mourn in both cities and I mourn in my heart with them. It's bad enough when terrorists do the killing. But everyday people are killed by their neighbors in some of our cities and it hardly gets mentioned. When people can't get along in their families and neighborhoods, our civilization is in trouble. Our culture needs healing.

  6. It was a horrible day all round. I was out of town, so didn't see any news (read things online): multiple earthquakes and multiple terrorist attacks .. horrible events around the world.


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