the weekend
 as i write this
 winding down

overdosed on college football 
 watch pro games 
he can watch/record five games at a time 
 thanks to their nfl sunday ticket option

 i went out for my weekly mani/pedi 
this week
 i am flaunting a color called wild fire
 its orangey-red 

i am also nursing
 a spasm-y back

 all last week 
i kept feeling
 little tremors of spasms
in my lower back

 i left the office early 
not just because i could
 because i really couldnt sit any longer

 walking is the best medicine 
(aside from the ever wonderful methocarbamol)
the worst thing you can do with a wonky lower back
 is sit 

i woke on saturday
 a full blown bad back episode 
i took a full dose 
(usually i take only a half) 
went on with my usual saturday routine
 a walk down to bed bath and beyond on 63rd 
on the way back
 i stopped at the farmer's market for apples 
westside market to grind some coffee 
i have a stash of kona coffee from hawaii 
i have a small grinder 
 while the 'proper' way to drink good coffee 
is to grind only enough fresh beans for one cup or pot at a time 
i fly in the face of this edict 
i want my coffee beans ground all at once 
so i dont have to grind it each time 
i take my sack of beans to the market 
 use their industrial grinder
 no one seems to care or notice
 i do my shopping there
its not as if i am taking advantage of their machine 
without making a purchase 

 after grinding my coffee 
purchasing some essentials
 i walked on to zabars 
 visited the eyeman
 we get our eyes checked
lenses made 
i needed my glasses adjusted
 by the ever fabulous hedda 

my lower back really liked the walking 
by sunday morning
 it was no longer feeling good 
so more meds were taken 
more walking was done 

i am hoping by monday 
it will be back to normal

just a twinge
 easily eased 
 half a pill