best friends

i spotted them

park place 
i was waiting for the uptown express

they were waiting
the brooklyn bound #3 express

the woman and her kids 
asked the man
 what kind of dog that was
 he replied
 a hugger
 he's a service dog 
he works with people 
who suffer 
post traumatic stress disorder 


  1. OH my - that is too sweet. I love dogs that are huggers.

  2. Pets bring so very much to people, don't they? And how lucky that people in need have people dedicated to raising and training pets for them. I'm so glad.

  3. You see the most interesting things in your travels out and about in New York City. A hugger ~ that's a good dog. xo

  4. I think many people in our society could benefit from service dogs. And from hugs. And from hugs from dogs. :-)

  5. of our forgotten. He looks like he's going to war or on an extended camping trip!

  6. I hope he's Ok going on the subway train. Subways can frighten anyone.

  7. A hugger is such a great job for that dog. I think that photo is so wonderful. I can see why you wanted to capture it.

  8. Hugs are so important and I would think for someone who is not well, a hugging dog is priceless.

  9. Wow, that is great. Where Logan used to ride horses, a man used to bring two service dogs for the clients and their parents to enjoy. They were very calming, when I would hold one and pet it, he just melted into me.

  10. Aww,, what a wonderful pic and info to go along with it. NY is great through your eyes.


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