what a weekend .. wow

unlike many of you 
i dont have columbus day off
in fact 
when i took this job back in october 2000
 my first day of work
october 11
happy anniversary to me 

 i left the office early
 headed home 
the weather was so lovely 
in fact 
 the violent rain thunder lightening storm 
 around dinner time
 the weather was perfect 
moderate temps
 lots of sun 

after my hair appointment
it was erranding time

after my mani pedi 
 brunch al fresco
 my friend melissa
 rather than go out to a restaurant for brunch 
we should get coffee
 (she did)
 (i did)

 go to the park
(we did)

 sit on a bench in the sun 

and eat 
(we did) 

the sun 

on the water was glorious

stella posed

people biked

people sailed


 favorite image 
 this weekend

in her scarf

oh yeah

my fabulous husband
got up at the crack of dawn
 fed the cats 
saturday and sunday
allowing me to sleep in 
thanks my honey!


  1. We were being driven to JFK from Bushwick when that storm hit...once we boarded the plane, we sat on the tarmac for nearly two hours because the weather had supposedly delayed the loading of the baggage! That meant almost 8 hours in a Jet Blue seat and arrival at our Portland motel after 2 a.m. :-)

  2. What a fantastic day! Glad you were able to be out and about. I too am working today -- but, of course, I work most days. Yay Toonman for taking on breakfast duty.

  3. Good for you--happy you had a great weekend. Hope you also have a great week!! Annie looks like a beautiful little soul.

  4. It looks so lovely and sunny!

  5. That's a very thoughtful husband you have ! He needs to be given lots of appreciation.

  6. That's a very thoughtful husband you have ! He needs to be given lots of appreciation.

  7. These are great shots! Annie is stylin' for sure!

  8. Great weather conditions! Annie and Stella are both cuties!

  9. This morning I thought, "wait a minute, I haven't had my fill of weekend blather!" Oh lovely days! It must have been fantastic soaking up the last of the summer sunshine by the river. River? Stella is so cute. She reminds me of a wire haired fox terrier, although she's probably not, but I'm in love with them because of my grandma who used to keep fox terriers and Poirot: Dumb Witness and of course Asta, from the Thin Man. I can;t believe Annie didn't squirm and spit and wriggle out of that scarf. Every time I ever tried that with my cats they wouldn't have it. But she does look super stylish. :D Oh, and husband is such a keeper! X


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