weekend recappage

lets start 
not a fridaycation 
the pope was coming down to the september 11 memorial plaza and museum
my office
 i was going to stay home

 an email about a missing fedex package 
on thursday evening
 changed my mind 

went in to 'put out the fire' 
which i did
 dont even ask 
such a stupid situation

 i was there
 i got caught up in the excitement
 looking out the window
 with co-workers 
taking photos with my big camera
 with the big lens 

the windows 
 the best views

this photo
would be a lot better 
 a clean window

pope francis
cardinal dolan
overlooking them
is one of nypd's finest counter-terrorism snipers 
keeping an eye on things 
he was just one of many posted on roof tops around the memorial plaza 

après the pope visit
 i headed up town
my 4:30-5:00 pm appointment 'window' 
at apple

pick up
 my new iphone 6s 

helped me through the process
thanks to him 
it was easy peasy

i took his photo with my iPad
my new iphone was still in its box
my old one was being recycled

when i got home
 i took
to test
the new12 mega pixel camera

taken without flash
no additional light
its pretty sweet camera

my hair appointment
i joined 
my husband 
up on the roof

andrew johns
you may recall andrew as toonman's acting partner
is also an artist
he created/painted
these murals

they adorn the elevator housing 
the walls of the roof top entrance

for a long time 
we lived on the top floor
 just a staircase away from a lovely
roof garden 
it was like another room for us

then we moved downstairs
our friends who own the building 
built a weekend house 
the gardens there took up their time
 the rooftop garden languished

not too long ago 
our friends sold the weekend place
the rooftop gardens once again flourished
this summer 
andrew worked several hours a day on the murals
they're done now
just in time 
 to share 
his work with you

was my regular mani/pedi at polished
then i met my sister
at ag kitchen on columbus for brunch
toonman spends his weekends 
immersed in football
and you
what did you do?