the last fridaycation of 2015 ...

“i love new york 
 summer afternoons
 when every one’s away. 
there’s something very sensuous about it -
as if
 all sorts of funny fruits 
going to fall into your hands"
.. f. scott fitzgerald 

that is
 how i feel about nyc
summer weekends 
holiday weekends


  1. This is stunning - beautiful atmosphere in this shot

  2. "Look! Up in the sky! Is that a bird or a plane?" Some random guy on the ground watching Superman, quote. :D Love the Fitzgerald quote, love the photo, love the peachy light, but gotta know what those three flying things are. x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous shot! Perfect light, composition. I love this photo....

  4. Tulsa is deserted as well this Holiday weekend as everybody else has "gone to the lake" as we say. I get Fridaycation every other week all year long and I love it especially when school starts up again. We drop the kid off, and go eat breakfast together and depending on the weather we go do something outside or go see a movie or go to a museum.


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