georgia and marley

these adorable girls
 3 and 7 months old

 they're chihuahua mix breeds
i do not know mixed with what
they are recently adopted rescues  

 aren't they are sweet
their new mom made

i met them
 last weekend
 at the block party
my friends who own/operate
le pet spa
300 rector street
battery park city


  1. I'm not usually a fan of tiny dogs, but they look sweet.

  2. I would assume mixed with terriers of some sort; perhaps Jack Russells? As with Beth, tiny dogs are generally not on my list of favorite things. These two, however, do look friendly and kind.

  3. They really are sweet. They have such great faces.

  4. I was about to say what Jim said.. there appears to be some JRT in them for sure.. the one on the left has a Benny face. So sweet.


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