weekend blather

not very much to blather about

 i think i was still in my pjs 
2 pm friday
 i did finally get dressed
 did some errands 
came home 
did more nothing

 i did slightly more than nothing 
not much

 i went to brunch with my friend melissa 
we went
reynards in the wythe hotel
 in williamsburg
in brooklyn
 food was good
 coffee was
the worst 
i have ever had

 after brunch
 we went up to the 5th floor
a bar 
a terrace
a view

iphone 6 procamera app zoom


  1. That's a beautiful view! And good for you to do take it easy once in a while. Jammies at 2pm on the weekend are a perfectly normal alternative. Too bad about the coffee. To me it all pretty much tastes the same...bad! But Jonathan, who is a real West Coast coffee culture guy, can even tell how long the beans have been roasted. Weird. (apparently the best coffee in Van is from Elysian) Actually, I guess I can tell how much bergamont is in which Earl Grey blend, so much the same...but different. By the way, apparently Sbux roasts their beans to within an inch of being burnt and it makes the coffee bitter. But people still drink it by the gallons, so it can;t be all that bad. :D

  2. Great view! Sorry about that bad coffee. My week was busy -- we were in Ohio helping my mom. Now I have to buckle down and catch up with work.


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