sunday afternoon

as i write this
 i am enjoying the ac
 its back 
 temps in the 90s

 the weather 
 even saturday 
was perfection

 the clouds looked like a magritte painting
taken from the 8th floor of the whitney

lets start 
the beginning 

my friend mary was in town from cincy!

we had a glass of wine thursday evening to solidify
friday's itinerary
began with

a petit déjeuner at eric kayser 

a visit to new york historical society's 
hirschfeld exhibit 

crosstown to 
the met

we saw the china through the looking glass exhibit

i thought this was more interesting b/w

 lunch at e.a.t 
where i seem not to have taken any photos
 we split up

 i met toonman at the vet for harry's appt
he's fine

mary visited another friend
they enjoyed catching up

an hour later 
we were at
the whitney

this photo was so not in focus i decided to make it look artsy after all its an artsy place

another friend, amy, joined us
a walk around
a rest

off to dinner
two more friends
michele and mo

table for 5 
spring natural kitchen
lovely cocktails

lots of conversation 
a great way to wrap up the day/evening

slept til almost 10
got a hair cut
did no errands
after dinner
we watched
 the second best exotic marigold hotel 
 not as good as the first

another lovely sleep in
weekly mani/pedi



  1. Holy smokes that's a lot to take in. You sure lived the whole weekend to the max. Love the Magritte clouds! I always look at the clouds in OXON, over the flat, chalk land, and they look like The Simpsons Hooray for weekends and meeting friends at beautiful artsy places. (Can't believe that beautiful costume in that b/w shot. Amazing. Our weekend was just so messed up and crazy I don't even know where to start. We're back in Van now and I'm just going to have to wrap my head around mixed up flights, landing in the biggest wind storm since...forever, C with broken foot doing her best Long John Silver impression, overgrown, parched garden, and crazy cats, and write a post about it. As soon as I manage to sleep thru the night and stop wandering the halls like a ghost. Flannel jammies are seriously putting a damper on the ghostly apparition look I've got going on at 4am.

  2. Quite a way to spend the weekend! You've got me hungry too!

  3. Love that shot of the Met Daryl.
    Making me homesick for NYC!!

    also the bicycle, two posts below...


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