its sunday afternoon
 i just got back from brunch

west 48th street/11th avenue
not a great view for a rooftop restaurant
 an excellent bunch
capping off
a very busy social butterfly of a weekend 

toonman and i cleaned the apartment
 he vacuums the floors 
i vacuum the furniture
the professionals arrived
steam cleaned the couch/love seat the arm chair and ottoman 

i am embarrassed to tell you
 its been 5 years
 we had them professionally cleaned

  considering there are
 3 cats
 2 humans
 living here over the last 5 years 
the dirt 
the oops-is 
added up

 i think 
they look almost like new

 if you ignore 
 annie inflicts

she just wont use the scratching posts
we have 3
 in fact 3 different types 
i kept hoping she'd find one she would use

a super busy day
at exhale spa
left me totally relaxed

i zipped back across to the westside
yi blow dried my hair 
forcing it to curl under
sadly my hair has a mind of its own
by midday it was curling up

the subways were insane
weekend construction complicated by signal issues
the westside trains all ran only to 14th
then the expresses went local
the locals went back uptown

i met my friends clint and larry at my office

 after the walk around
after a few photo ops

we headed over to lunch 
is on the corner of south end and albany
good food good drinks
i didnt take any photos 
we were too busy catching up

then we walked over to our friend's place
le pet spa
its on the corner of south end and rector
if you need a good pet supply and grooming place
this is it

on the way back from brunch sunday 
(today as i write this) 
i made melissa drive round the block
the block being 57-56 streets between 11th and west 
i could jump out of the car
 take a photo of this building

 its so odd

the summer is really winding down
next friday
 my next to last fridaycation
 i plan on filling it up 
til then 
you'll have to be satisfied
 water towers 
wordless photo posts