weekend recappage

what a gorgeous weekend
 it was

 i got to sleep in
 get my hair beautified
 all under blue skies
in the evening 
we watched
 the kingsman
 a lot of fun with colin firth

 another amazing day
i did almost nothing
toonman helped me schlep 
two big bags of shoes 
housing works

another sleep in
by weekly mani/pedi
coffee with my friend cheryl

just because
 i know
 you're all waiting
 to learn the latest development
 in my on going
  iCloud photo issues 

the cloud
its filled again 

no idea how or why 
so back to the specialist techs for that
 a cpu permissions issue
my fabulous apple senior tech and i
moving the photos
 the desktop app

so that's my weekend
how was yours?


  1. Oh the iCloud drama!!! Hope you manage to resolve that at some point. Great weekend you had. Am impressed you got to sleep in again. If you keep this up you'll be totally spoiled! lol We've had a lovely weekend here. Din't get much done, but I did go to the car boot sale and got some fresh fruit and veg for the week. Also found a pair of Majolica vases for the equivalent of $3, which are selling on ebay for $180! Nice find. :D

  2. I didn't realize you were having icloud issues D! I sure do hope you get that straightened out soon!! I try to back up my photos wherever I can...between icloud, google, shutterfly, and picasa...I think I have myself covered...but it would be a shame to lose photos!! I really do not print many of them and keep most online. So glad you enjoyed your weekend...I got my nails done and did a ton of errands along with dr appts and xrays. Happy Monday!

  3. Apple's ways are mysterious even to Apple. Beautiful pic, I love your rays.

  4. Hot and disagreeable! I'm waiting for -20 C and snow!

  5. ARGHHHH I thought the iCloud was fixed. Gorgeous weather for us too -- thank goodness because it was our weekend to camp with friends. Phew. Totally lucked out.

  6. Your weekend sounded perfect and lovely weather too! :)


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