weekend end

three days
 is a good thing 
one of the three
with torrential downpour(s) 

my friend melissa
 made reservations for us to have lunch
 at the standard
 on the roof 

we did this a year ago on a sunday
 it was lovely

 turns out
 the only day 
the rooftop restaurant
open before 2:30 

her reservation
 was actually for the restaurant on street level 

we discussed alternatives

 i suggested 
the whitney's 8th floor terrace restaurant 

we decided if we couldn't get in 
we could always back track 
to the standard

we got in
we had a long leisurely lunch 

lots of catch up 
we'd not spent time together in months
after lunch we walked down through the museum
even the interior staircase is arty

its such a glorious building the art is curated in a fascinating way

as we stood atop the museum

 we could hear music
so we set off to see what it was

 they were terrific
i shot a short video

started off 
with a horrific down pour
the air was sticky humid horrible
did some errands
came home 
put on the air conditioner 
in the living room
what a relief
spent the rest of saturday reading

another super hot day
seemed less humid
i got my weekly mani/pedi
a walk
nixed it
 in favor 
of heading home to veg out

i no longer feel 
the pull of the sun 
the need to tan 
to be out in the heat 
these are no longer things i enjoy

how was your weekend?