weekend blather

another weekend drawing to a close here
you'e reading this monday
 its still sunday 
as i am

i bussed it across town for a dermatologist appointment
the 86th street crosstown 
 has an updated method payment
you pop your metro card into a kiosk 
get a receipt
board the bus 
through any door 

this is supposed to speed up travel
 across what is known as
 the worst crosstown traffic in the city 
the slowest bus route in the city

the system will expand

will be replaced with cards with chips
like they are in amsterdam 
where you
 tap your 'pass' 
against a reader 
on the way in and out of the trams
there are helpers 
for those confused 
by the new kiosks
 as well as 
transit police
 to make sure 
no one hops on 
without paying

 after my appointment
i bussed back across town
to meet my friend carrie 
visiting from california
 for lunch
 a long walk through riverside park across to central park then up to the museum to the subway parting
 with lots of hugs 
til she visits again 

 carrie after our meatball shop lunch
central park lake through some leggy daisies

was pure indulgence
once again i bussed crosstown
massage and facial
at exhale spa
back across to the westside
for my blow dry with yi

errands done
dry cleaning dropped off
zabars for munchies and toonman's favorites

more beautification
polished beauty bar

 back home 
 the air conditioned apartment
the humidity has returned
temps in the high 80s prevail
its not the sort of day you
 i want to be out

clearly harry and jack prefer to laze about too
jack loves the new catnip filled snake i got on etsy from catopia9

harry prefers the catball where he can pretend to be a turtle