water tower wednesday

i have taken many photos
this particular water tower

 tuesday morning
overcast gloom
 eventual rain
 i got wet 
 from chambers street to the office
it wasn't supposed
 till later in the day
 no umbrella 

before all 
i snapped 

cropped it 
so you could see
 the lovely old facade 
 what was once 
a grand hotel 
commissioned by 
Albert Saxe 
designed by
Emery Roth 
in 1903 

it was said to be one of the flashiest hotels
the upper west side 

once referred to as a skyscraper 
it was considered
 one of the most luxurious buildings
 in the city

 beaux arts principles 
 art nouveau-secessionist style

 before it was renovated in the mid-2000s 
it stood empty for a long time 
after a midlife crisis 
as an apartment building
 i knew someone who lived there in the 1970s

according to the new owners
 past famous guests included
 Maxim Gorky, Mark Twain and Babe Ruth

 i assume not all at the same time


  1. It is a really a handsome building. I liked the rounded out corners. Those would make for great interiors.

  2. It's a beautiful old building and I would much prefer an apartment in that than a new build. Love character. Too bad about the rain, and your weathermen! They seem to be as bad as ours. They all lie like a rug!


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