then and now

 my fascination
 the past

 i did a little search
 came up
this photo from 1911

its part of the new york library collection of old new york 
its also a photo of the house
 we live in

 see there 
on the ground floor
 those two arched windows

 that's our living room 

the wrought iron fence
in front of them
still there 
the entryway 
the front door
is still the same 
 to the left of the entrance
 is now a small garage

the angle of this photo 
 i took it in 2004

 you get the idea

when i was a kid 
the sunday daily news
 did a photo series in their weekend magazine
 it was 
then and now 

 old new york
 taken in the present

 i loved it 

i think 
if life  had been different
i might have been an archeologist

 i love the past 
its filled
 so much promise


  1. That's pretty cool that you were able to dig up an old photo of your place! Get it, DIG??? Oh, never mind. Just don't pay any attention to me! :)

  2. I agree, the past does show such promise.

  3. OH I like that so very much too. I wanted to be an archaeologist but my parents wouldn't allow it. Had I lived in the UK at that time, it might have been a different story. I was juts thinking, that's one this I love so much about Europe, Prague specifically; nothing ever changes. The buildings are still the same there, year after year, century after century. Very reassuring.

  4. What a great find! Love the contrast between the two.

  5. Love these kind of old / new comparisons. Great find!


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