sour grapes

i had a great weekend
 i went down to the battery
did a little walk about
 had lunch with my friend judy

 heading back 
i walked up through brookfield place
 into my office building 
out on the street 
to walk to the subway

 you know
 i work in the world trade center 
you know 
i have fabulous views from my office windows 
you may not know
 that i have been expecting
 to get 
a pre-official 
opening visit 
 the new 
world trade center observatory

 the observatory
 to see the same views
 i have from my office
a bit higher up 
 that never happened 
there were politics at play 
i wont even begin to try to explain the whys and wherefores

 i will tell you 
on friday
the sun shone bright 
 the skies 
 clear blue and cloudless
i was not happy 

i wasn't going to get to the observatory
 i am petty enough 
not want anyone 
who was
 have a good view 

i am over it now 

here's a photo
 i took on my way to brookfield place 

the rest of the weekend'
errands and beautification 

sour grapes leave a bad taste
 everyone who did get up 
got some great photos