ladies who lunch and other stuff

 i got to sleep in
 such a lovely thing 
getting up 
5 ayem

 it was not a nice day
i did accomplish a lot
 i purged 
the closet
the dresser
a pile of shoes 
a pile of scarves
a pile of handbags
all going to goodwill

then errands 

i had a date with brandon from apple at 5 
we spent about 2.5 hours 
to download the 13,000+ photos 
(down from 30,000+) 
in the cloud 
the desktop
 to make sure
as a safety precaution
 in case 
there was a glitch
 when we synced
 the photo app to the cloud
 all my photos would be there 

in the end 
we made another date for saturday at 5 
 i wont bore you with the technicalities 
leave it at
brandon had to go tend to other needy users

this issue has been ongoing for over a month now
 the end is in sight
 i have whittled 30,000+ down to 8,000+ 
all my apple photos apps
 sync now 
stay tuned for the results

 another rainy yucky morning
a nice afternoon 

my sister's birthday was this past thursday
we waited til saturday to celebrate
 i took her to lunch at robert 
the museum of arts and design 
her oldest friend former college roommate joined us 
it was nice to catch up 
 i dont think i have seen her since 
we couldnt remember when

the view

the interior

the drinks

sunday was a lovely day
street fair
a walk in the park with toonman
a lemonade stand

its what weekends are about!


  1. The view from the restaurant is so awesome. I watched a movie this weekend, "Begin Again," and thought of you with all the sights and sounds of that great city. Have a good week :-)

  2. I sure hope that you get your photo synching problems figured out. Nice view from the restaurant.

  3. Holy smokes you accomplished a lot. Me too! Was a very productive weekend all round. Adam bought me of of those out of the computer hard drives to store my millions of photos on. Might that work for you too?
    Cleaning and purging closets/house/life. Yes! Absolutely must do that the next free day I have. Hey, have you heard about a 2014 book called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? All the rage round here these days.
    Love the view from the restaurant. The interior...not so much. Don't care for contorted flowers, especially flowers which have had their heads cut off and stuffed in bowls. And, what's with those horrible Lucite chairs these days? Suddenly everyone's having them just to show how trendy they can be. Ugh. But hooray for Fridaycations, and sisters and friends and walks and sunny weather and lemonade stands! :D

  4. Looks like a great and busy weekend.

  5. A very busy weekend, and what a smashing view!


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