i always 
morning light
 the best 

no matter the season 

this time of year 
in the early morning
the shadows and the light 
harsh contrasts 

 the way i feel about mornings 

i was never a morning person

the sunrise 
its a personal affront

there was a time 
long past
i could
i would
stay up
really late

sleep late

no more

my job
my cats

we have a truce now


  1. I am the opposite Daryl...I love my evenings...my nights...my moon...my dogs are even on my schedule!! I usually see the sun rise before I go to sleep. That's just how I roll...because my work is done between midnight and six am! Happy Thursday!!

  2. Oh I remember the days long ago, in the summers during high school of staying up late and getting up around noon or so. Drove my mother crazy.

  3. Funny how people love to catagorise themselves into morning or night people. I'm a big time morning person, but that's from a lifetime habit of waking up since childhood to get on the ice before 6am. OK, that only lasted till I turned 17 or so, but I've just never been able to sleep in or stay up late very happily...unless I have jet lag. :D

  4. I'm a night person, but I find I get more sleep in winter than in summer.

  5. I have yet to come to a truce with mornings! I'm more of a night owl, but critters and work must begin at the start of the day, so I grumble daily until the weekend comes!

  6. Beautiful graphic image!

    I am a natural-born night owl and an acquired early bird, i.e. living on few hours of sleep most of the time. I have grown to love early mornings.


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