wow, water towers galore

its pretty insane
my own rooftop 'backyard' 
there are all these water towers
 i never noticed

 this past weekend
 toonman and i
 went up to the roof 
he's helping our friends
 who are away
 watering the new plantings

 a long time ago
 when we lived on the top floor
in our studio apartment
 the roof 
an extra room

 there were
deck chairs 
it was lovely

 we moved downstairs 
the ground floor 
the roof
no longer a place
 we spent time

 it wasn't
 as if 
we had to travel
 to get there 

it was but a short elevator ride away 
 a two flight of stairs walk

over the intervening years
 our friend 
stopped planting
 he had a house and property in connecticut 
where he could garden to his heart's content

 back in the city
 up on the roof 
the weather
 the elements
 took their toll 
 the redwood plancking 
the deck chairs
 the planters

 it was sad 

a few months ago 
our friend decided to reinvent the roof garden 
he brought up 
some of the outdoor art 
he'd brought to the city 
after he sold the connecticut house

 its looking really nice up there
 i brought the camera up with me 
i didnt take pictures 
the art or the plants 
i will later in the season
 when the plants are larger
 the trees in bloom 
the grape vines are twining the trellis

 i did take this

 i am astounded 
that all the days
 i spent up there 
in the past 
i never
water towers

 its pretty insane