wordless, somewhat, wednesday

i cannot remember
 where i was 
when i took this photo 
i will tell you 
that originally 
the photo was very much a silhouette 

the sum was so strong
everything in the foreground was black 
in shadow 
the sky dominated

 i messed with it
 got the exposure to balance
 a bit better
 had to hit it with some topaz simplify 
its still way off 

i would have used another photo 
one of the over 29,000 
i had in the iCloud
 ever since this past weekend
 i have been retlentlessly weeding out
 the duplicates 
the same old same old shots
trying to get a more reasonable library

 not easy 
i am going to do it 

turned out the iphone was not the issue
 the problem lies in connecting to the iCloud 
that may be 
in part 
due to the humongous size 
of my photo library 

it has spurred me 
to take action