its sunday late afternoon
 i am tired 
i didnt sleep well last night

 i clench my teeth
 which causes a headache
 as well as
 a jaw ache
the headache trumps that 
since i got a bite guard 
 i had a headache all night 
at 6ish 
i got up
 the cats were thrilled 

 i did get a lot done
 aside from beautifying 
i had lunch with my friend cheryl
we went downtown 
to do a little wandering
 a little window shopping 
a little real shopping
came back uptown
 i picked up my new glasses 
i spent some time deleting photos from the iCloud 
we watched two series season finales
 more exciting life cannot be

 i spent more time today
 deleting more photos 
 i gave up

 i am going to let the iCloud
the photo app on my iMac 

after thats done 
i suspect 
i will be deleting
who knows how many-cates 

once thats all done
see if i can get my photos to the iphone 
without causing
 the cloud to clog 

if i didnt have a headache
 this would give me one
 in fact
 i believe it has 

here's a photo
 not in the cloud
 one i took with the iphone
 down on lafayette street 
outside a bike rental shop


  1. I was just thinking how all that screen time could be absolutely headache inducing. I went away this last weekend and forgot my computer charger, which meant no computer for me for the whole weekend, and that was amazingly restful and freeing. (That can't be good!)

  2. I don't understand the cloud as much as I'd like because it seems once photos go there, they stay there forever. I was tired of my iPhone memory filling up so I stopped the auto upload. I was fine before the cloud so I'm not sure I need it. Hope your headache subsides.

  3. That bike seat is adorable!

    I wear a mouth guard to stop my teeth grinding at night - it really helps.

  4. Gave me a headache too Daryl, just thinking about the iCloud gives me the heeby jeebies :)

  5. I know I'm going to have to tackle my zillions of photos one of these days ... but not now. :)

  6. My computer was being really slow and cloggy and constipated and after reading your posts about the icloud, I checked and somehow it had reinstalled itself on my machine so I uninstalled it again and now everything is like fast now.


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