the color of light

once a long time ago
 i observed
light against a wall
i pointed it out to toonman
look at the color of the light

he said
light has no color

i said
see that
that's the color of light

the other morning
i saw it again
this time
i took a photo of it

i love the color of light 
especially this time of year

dont you


  1. I would say it has color...for certain! Beautiful.

  2. I do Daryl, especially when it looks like this!

  3. This is an amazing photo! The colour of light is magnificent.

  4. Of course your husband is right, but isn't it lovely that our perception interprets it differently?

  5. Yes! I love it. I've taken loads of shots in the mornings with that blue/yellow light. Love it to the max.

  6. Yep, I love the color of your light. Or the light of your color. Mainly I'm interested in how you and Toonman are going to resolve this.

  7. Well, Mr Toonman is right, but each one sees what each one eyes want to interprete, so Daryl, you are right too...


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