on being a sloth

there is a lot to be said
doing next to nothing
 sleeping past 7 or even 8 ayem

 when on vacation
 i rarely sleep in
 there's too much
 to do
 to see 

long weekends at home 
are made for being lazy 
sloth like

 lets see
 what did i do

 slept til almost 10
lazed around a bit
  went out to do a few errands 
back to watch some amazon prime with toonman 
a total do nothing day 

followed by
 sleeping in til almost 9
 at 10 i left the house 
bussed across town 
got massaged facial'd
 did a bit of shopping
 on the eastside
 did a bit of erranding
 on the westside
 had my hair washed blown dry 
home to watch some net fix with toonman 

slept til 8
got my weekly mani/pedi
 walked a bit through the yearly memorial day street fair 

i got toonman out for a walk in the park
the community gardens are blooming

 i plan on sleeping in for sure 
(your today, my tomorrow) 
 who knows
 maybe lunch with my sister 
mentally preparing
 for the return to work

  oh yeah
 we and by we i mean the cats
  got a new toy
 a catball™ bed

as you can see they love
 well by they
 i mean the boys
 annie seems to have decided
 that it 
the scratching post(s)
the couch
 the ottoman
is not of interest to her
 are the places 
the boys favor

this is as close as annie wants to get
  i should explain
 the bubble wrap
behind which
lie toonman's 
at some point
 jack decided 
they were a good place to scratch
i thought 
bubble wrap would stop him
 at the very least 
if he put his nails into it
 it would pop
he'd stop
so far its working fine 
tho it looks a bit insane

also none of these photos are either edited or signed


  1. Despite the way it looks, the bubble wrap idea is a good one. I'll be in the city from Tuesday evening until Friday evening -- It's a whirlwind trip. I'm planning a revisit soon, during which we can have a coffee or a lunch together. :)

  2. The things we do to thwart and entertain our cats. I'm sure they'll be getting a kick out of that toy... as long as you've also saved the box.

  3. Catching up on your weekend. I love the Monday blather! How the heck did you get to sleep in? Muzzled the cats? How wonderful for you. Great trick with the bubble wrap. Kers bought a new sofa and gave me her old sofa for my family room. It's one of those wonderfully cushy, soft, pillowy things, and it came with packing tape arms for exactly that same reason. Her little cat Mouse hates getting her claws stuck in packing tape. I took it off, because, believe it or not, I have good cats in the scratching department, (rotten in almost all other cat departments, but scratching only happens on the cardboard in the kitchen and scratching post outside).

  4. Lovely shots of the irises! And what entertaining cats!

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me, and I absolutely LOVE the catball! xo.

  6. the catball bed.... one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas! Very cool!


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