making the bed

i dont understand this phrase
 no really
 i dont 

let me tell you
 when i was growing up 
we didnt have flat sheets
 i didnt know what a flat sheet was

 i did 
 i thought
 it was a sheet 
with ends tucked in on all sides

 a fitted sheet was a lot less work
 i am all for a lot less work

 my mother made the beds
 if she left if to us
 my sister and i 
it was likely
 we smoothed the blankets
putting the pillows on top

 our blankets 
both winter and summer
 were encased in blanket covers 
 not at all like duvet covers
they were zippered at one end
 the blanket
 inside it 

we had blanket covers in different colors
to match the sheets and pillow cases 

i am not sure when the last of my blanket covers died
when we
 my husband and i
 began using flat sheets

 i do know
every time
 i am present
 when my husband makes the bed 
i never make the bed really i dont see the point
he complains
the flat sheet is too long

 instead of ignoring him
 i said:
 i dont know from flat sheets
 i never had flat sheets 
i dont understand the purpose of a flat sheet
 i do know
 that its extra long
 the bottom gets annoyingly tucked in 
making something called hospital corners
tho not on my side oh no if my side is tucked in i must untuck it or i feel trapped
 the top gets folded over the blanket
 making a sort of
 i am not even sure what the word for it is
 is there a word for it 
i am sure there is

 i said to him:
 i do not get the point of a flat sheet

 he said:
 its so the blanket doesn't touch your skin

 touch skin?
 most people wear pjs 
i used to sleep in the nude
 now i sleep in a t-shirt
 i am sleeping in a bed other than my own 
as in visiting a friend's home or staying in/at a hotel

i think this top sheet thing falls into the 
'why is this still a thing'

if i could find blanket covers
we'd never have a flat sheet
discussion again