earlier this week
 i was on my way to the subway
 headed to the office

i always
every day that is
 take a photo 
to use with my weather report app
 i share it on instagram
 its a thing i do

 that morning
 i spotted someone i knew
 sort of 

thats wimsey
 he's a getting on in years hound
  i met last summer in riverside park
 i photographed him then
 if i wasnt so lazy
 i would go find that photo
 share it or link to it 
i am lazy

i am also
a fan
 visual change
any change
that i use

 if i ever consider participating in a beta test again
 shoot me 
at the very least

 all the weeks months of this beta thing
 i think we're near the end of it

 the word beta 
is no longer on the photo icon
 in the icloud

 there was an upgrade
 to the operating system on friday 
the emojis are now sorted differently
 i hate it 

the syncing
 one to plug
iwhatever  into the iMac
change a setting

 i did this
 the fucking iPhone still insists on it being done



i hate things like this
they make me want to scream curse and throw things

 patience is not part of my make up
you knew that