weekend antics

 i left the office around 3 friday
 it was a nice day
 a bit windy
 a bit less warm
 a true spring day
 i think april is a fickle month
warmish sunny days
cold windy rainy days
 no thought 
 how mean that feels

my friend liisa
 is visiting from finland
 she and her significant other kimmo
 were at the eataly dinner 

i had gotten liisa a gift
 she always brings me something from finland
this trip was no different
 she brought me some luscious raspberry filled chocolates 
 a darling striped purse from marimekko

 way back in the day
 i was in love with marimekko
 i had several throw pillows covered in their iconic fabrics 
as well as
 a striped set of bed linen

 i got her
 a sparkly necklace 
forgot to bring to dinner
 forgot to bring it home on friday 
 i decided to go get it 
i could give it to her sunday
 when we met for mani/pedis

liisa kimmo and i ended up meeting on saturday
 at the office 
i gave them a tour of the 43rd floor 
then we walked to brookfield place 
formerly known as the winter garden

where there's an exhibition
artist heather nicol
 its a sound and sculptural installation
 six large scale fabric forms
 that swirl gracefully overhead
 while sounds of voices in song
 can be heard 
tho not loudly 
not clearly
not really
 it competes
the din of voices 
taking photos

just one of the six sculptures

see the palm trees
they thrive 
under the dome 
 what will always be
 for me
 the winter garden

kimmo put aside his dislike of iphones
 he has a samsung
 to take this photo
 liisa and me

started off well
 my middle back decided to spasm
not much fun that
after the mani/pedi
really, did you think a spasming back would stop me from beautification?
i let liisa go meet kimmo for a picnic in central park

i went home 
 spending the rest of the day
 lying in bed 
 a heating pad and a book

this better get better fast
 i am off to cincinnati on thursday
for my yearly visit
 with my friends mary and jay
of course 
their sweet cat zozo