friday friday

i took today off 
a few things
 i wanted to do

 i rarely take time off
  i have a ton
 vacation and personal days
 tho no one ever keeps count

i made sure
 everything was neatly compartmentalized
 so my absence wouldn't be much noticed 
 its good friday and the first night of passover 
lots of people will not be in 
those who are in
 will be leaving early

 it was a not very busy week
 there were still things
as they should be

 i was convinced 
there was a full moon
no there wasn't 
 the loonies were out in force 

not even worth talking about

 i am so glad
 the week is done
 even tho its not a pretty day 
i am going to get out and do 

do what

 oh things

i took this photo a week or so ago
 i love the way rain makes
 the street 
so shiny 
i love the way rain make the lights
so shimmery
 dont you?