wordy with a water tower and a bit of history

i love
 the many views my office gives me 
i love 
the ferries
 i love 
the water taxis 
i love 
how every day 
the same view is different 

over there
 on the far right 
see that big water tower/tank

 across the river
 thats governors island 
 at one point housed an army installation 
that brick building there
 sort of behind the crane 
thats fort jay and castle williams

 you can click
to read about 
its history


  1. This is a great late-winter shot. You are definitely lucky in your views.

  2. Great view- I've heard of some of the history of Governors Island before.

  3. I am not sure I would get much work done at your office :-)

  4. I love the line and so true: the same view is always different!


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