religion and politics

are the conversational topics
 one should avoid
in polite company
  its safe to talk about the weather

 all the photos i have taken recently involve weather  



  1. You have such a way with color and with capturing people. In photographs I mean. And yes, religion, and politics are best avoided. I violate that rule in conversing with our idiot politicians in Oklahoma and their supporters.

  2. You have really captured the crud that is the early part of 2015! We're back in the deep freeze here, woth near record lows again. We're sick of it!

  3. Yes, but let's talk about those brilliant photos! You have this knack for getting startling bits of colour in your photos Daryl; even in that dreary, late winter sepia world. I love it.

  4. I really like that entrance standing across West 79th Street!

  5. I love your weather images, because they are more than just weather! As for religion and politics...I so agree with you!

  6. You're doing a great job with the photos because the colors really pop against an otherwise somewhat gray winter backdrop. I love the first one. Sorry for your weather but at least you're getting some good shots :-)


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