not for sale

the 'friends' apartment building
bedford and grove 
there is also an odd little stand alone house
 originally was on the upper eastside 
at some point
 it was literally moved downtown
 to this triangular spot
 its now up for sale 

the owners are likely
 their dog
 seen here
the house 


  1. I wonder how the dog feels about that. He looks like he thinks he (she?) is the owner.

  2. I wonder how much an odd stand alone house in NY costs? That might be a lot of fun living in it. Friends, is the building which was shown as the building the people lived in in the friends TV series? Vancouver has become Hollywood North lately with the stronger US $ and major viaducts and whole streets are being closed off for filming. If it's not building it's filming. Takes hours to get anywhere these days. My funky heritage house neighbourhood is prime Hollywood North suburbia. Did I tell you that about 5 hours were filmed for a 2 minutes of footage for a TV show against my hedge and the crew had to put a light on my lawn and for putting a light on my lawn they paid me $75!?! Outrageous! I know the family down the street got $2000, plus a day, night and day in a fabulous hotel paid for, plus a repaint job on the interior walls of their house for one day of filming. My house is also on the scouting registry and I hope one day a TV show or movie will be made here. Oh, there I go blabbering away again...what am I like? Cute dog. I love those harnesses. Much nicer than collars. :D

  3. Such a fine fellow could not possibly be for sale!

  4. I have to agree with Veronica...I wonder how much that house would cost?? The dog lookslike he is guarding his territory!

  5. He is one handsome (and very muscular!!) fella. xo.


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