dear march, come in ...

 gray skies and snow 

 the sun
 the lack of icy winds
 the low temperature
i did errands 

i beautified
on my way home
snow flurries

oh march you are a stinker


  1. Hmm, I'm not sure what to think of March marching in this year. You seem to have the lion and lamb thing too. We just had the bland, overcast, West Coast, not quite sunny, not quite cloudy day. There's this thing that happens here, I'm not sure if it happens over at your's too, but the sky turns into one gigantic flood light where it's too bright not to wear sunglasses, but not bright enough either, so one does, but ends up looking like a doofus.

  2. Both photos are great, but I love the first one. I'm so over this weather. We are going to have warmer temps this week, but rain. Glad you managed to get errands done :)

  3. Your March looks pretty! Ours is just grey.

  4. We had much the same- it started out with blue skies in the morning, but clouded over and some snow later on.

  5. If the temperatures don't moderate soon, I'm going to go nuts. (not really). Today's blue skies are a pick-me-up.

  6. Below 0 here tomorrow, and 40 degrees with rain on Wed.
    I think almost everyone is ready for a change right about now!!! xo.

  7. I feel for you, I truly do! We're in spring-like weather with nights in the 20's and even lower. But very little moisture for the coming summer. One snow "event" that dropped 8-10 inches of snow, freezing temps ...and was over in three weeks. Loony weather!

  8. It will get better, they are forecasting 13C here at weekend. :)


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