left the office
 very early on friday
 hung out at home relaxing

 i got up
 got dressed 
went out
 to do
 the erranding
 i did some 

 as i walked up the street
arms filled with dirty clothes heading to the dry cleaner
snow flurries


 after my hair appointment
 i headed home
 errands would wait til sunday
 especially zabars
 bus loads
 out of town shoppers
 about to make it
 even more of a challenge
 for neighborhood shoppers

 my plan to stay in
 i went to get something for lunch
 only to find

 i looked out the window
no snow

 put on a coat
 headed out

 as always
 i went to the furthest point
 i prefer to 
my way back uptown 

 dropped off a broken necklace at gold mine jewelers on 72nd
popped into lululemon on 74th
westside market at 77th 
for their practically mayo free egg salad onion rye for toonman some guacamole some chips
 coffee at fika on 78th 
where i ran into an old friend and her husband
 a former co-worker of mine
 we had a good catch up
 i went on to the eyeman on 81st
to find out 
 frames ordered in mid january still hadn't arrived

  all errands accomplished
 home again

 a much nicer day
 it was palm sunday
 a fact
 that escaped me
 i was almost up to broadway
 all angels church 
 holding an outdoor service
 i couldn't resist snapping a few photos

after my mani/pedi at polished
i met my sister for brunch
 eric kayser 
this time 
it was as good as the first
 good enough
 to erase the last not so great meal there

we walked back uptown
 stopping in papyrus
 did you know
 they carry some nice 
 not so cheap
we both bought earrings

took this shot
 who could resist bunnies!